Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Contest [INFO-GRAPHIC]

There has been a lot of buzz around which streaming service is better Netflix or Amazon Prime. I currently use Netflix but have started giving Amazon Prime a thought since it also comes with free two-day shipping on all Amazon orders. Yesterday, I came across an info-graphic that compares several key features from both streaming services:

Amazon vs Netflix

Invitation from Google to become a Glass Explorer

Earlier this year, Google had launched +Project Glass contest and offered a unique opportunity to experience Google Glass in-person. I entered into the contest as well and my submissions can be found here. Approximately eight thousand winners were selected and I was not one of them.

Recently, I received an email from “Glass Support” with an invitation to become a glass explorer! See email below:

Google Glass Inviatation

I have not yet decided if I will join the program and purchase the Glass Developer Kit which has a price tag of $1500. Trying to figure out business value for Google Glass; from an enterprise IT perspective, I’m not sure how we can use Glass currently. In addition, I don’t think any of our largest partners are working/developing for Glass – example: IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

Since I am a technology enthusiast, I would like to get Glass for personal use anyway; it would create nice blog posts to share my experiences with especially how wearable tech is transforming user experience.

I would like to hear your opinion – Should I invest in Google Glass? Why or Why Not?

#ifihadglass Submissions – Involving Apple, United Nations, and Credit Card Fraud.

Yesterday – February 26, 2013, I published a blog post titled “My +Project Glass Entry to be submitted tomorrow 2/27/2013”

As of right now – I have submitted all (3) applications on my G+ account. I would like to share my submissions here and briefly explain the thought process behind my final three submissions.

Keeping in mind the following Conditions and Requirements from the Official Terms Page:

EVALUATION: Each Application will be evaluated and scored by a panel of independent content moderators who are not employees of the Sponsors or paid by Google for content moderation (“Jury”), based on the following criteria:

  1. CREATIVITY: Whatever the approach, the Application should stand out creatively and can be supported with video and still photos per these Terms.
  2. COMPELLING USE: Applications with the most compelling possible uses for Glass.
  3. ORIGINALITY: Applications that are unique and interesting.
  4. SOCIAL AND SPECTRUM: Applications from people whose possible uses of Glass would be useful, influential, and provide the broadest spectrum of user interaction.

The evaluation is the most important part of the contest since it how every submission will be evaluated. I started following the #ifihadglass feed on both G+ and Twitter.

Majority of the submissions were mostly selfish (not that anything wrong with that since ‘You’ own it), but the power of technology has the potential to change the world – Think Outside the Box! Some examples include people travelling the world and capturing moments, recording the adventurous event first hand be it sky-diving, skiing, or racing. Given that all these are exciting and worth capturing –  but none of these type of submissions maximizes the potential of the Glass Technology. There were a few submissions that are note-worthy from a post by Peter Cohan on Forbes.

Since majority of the submissions were either capturing, recording, translating etc – I had to come up with something unique, different, and challenging. As stated in my previous blog post “Focus is #Originality and #Creativity,” My first and best submission is:

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My +Project Glass Entry to be submitted tomorrow 2/27/2013

#GoogleGlass is one of the best inventions of the Year 2012, part of an elite group that also includes Element 113, Tesla Model S, Switchblade Drone, and Indoor clouds to name a few.

+Project Glass was first introduced in 2012 and gained a lot of hype with the commercial Promo Video they released. This brought about a lot of buzz in the tech world and social media. Google, being one of the smartest and innovative enterprises of our century, it has offered an exclusive opportunity to the 50 United States and District of Columbia to become a #Glass Explorer. A unique opportunity to experience Google Glass in-person in New York, San Fransisco, or Los Angeles. The only catch to the opportunity is that Explorers will each need to pre-order a Glass Explorer Edition for $1500 plus tax.

The contest started on February 20, 2013 and ends February 27, 2013. In order for you to apply/enter to win, you need to:

Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.”

After thinking about it for several days, I’ll be posting my +Project Glass entry tomorrow 2/27 – Focus is #originality and #creativity –

More information on Google Glass and how to enter can be found Here.


Proud Winner of “Why Perficient?” Contest

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

Working for Perficient for the past eighteen months and counting, has opened many doors of opportunities for my career and more importantly raised my standard of excellence. I feel that I am still in the early stages of my career since I set foot in the corporate world; however, I believe – how I plan and execute the next five years, will shape the rest of my future.

Perficient had released a “Why Perficient” contest that was open to all employees of the company. This was part of the company’s website project for the careers page. Contestants had to answer questions about work but primarily share their personal stories of why Perficient is a great place to work. Perficient has over 1700 employees and only 10 were chosen. As a winner, our stories were posted on the Perficient career site and we received a small reward.

LinkedIn Brilliant Marketing Campaign – Member Ego Booster!

One of the hottest discussions, blogs, and topics discussed this week is LinkedIn’s email congratulating its members for having one of the “Top 1%, 5%, 10%” most viewed profiles in 2012. I, also am one of the candidates who received the email with top 5% seen below:

My first impression doubted the email at face value asking is this real or not? Out of 200 million members, including individuals who are CEO’s, Presidents, and Philanthropists of our society – how did I make it to the top 5% percent? I do have an “All-Star” profile strength and over 800+ connections – being in the top 5%in 2012 is still too good to be true.

When I started to calculate what 5% really meant, out of 200 Million members – 5 percent is 10 Million members. That means that I am 1 of the 10 MILLION people who received this congratulations email. This was more of a realistic figure and being One out of Ten Million is really not a big deal.

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Are we addicted to our phones? Moment of Realization – Video

I recently came across a YouTube video from a friend titled “Slow Tech” by Joe Kraus. My first thoughts when opening the link was “hmm, probably not watching” due to the 15 minute time stamp for the length of the video. Since it was recommended by a colleague I admire, I went ahead and played the video. Ill give my final thoughts after watching the video and let you decide if you would like to watch it or not; I will however mention – If you want to continue your life as a ‘robot,’ ignore this video, but if you want to reconnect with your human self and appreciate life and the people around you, this is a must watch and a ‘mind-opener’

At the end of the video, “Wow” was my first impression followed by a two minute halt on all my tasks and just thinking over the contents of the video. This moment was a hit of reality and a moment of realization. I now had desire to become better, to have a purpose, to appreciate life.

Brief intro: “How do you like your relationship with your phone?” Did you know – Humans don’t multi-task, we switch very fast between single-tasks; and the more we do it the dumber we get, and the slower we become – almost 10 IQ’s lower and less efficient! We have an attention crisis!

Click play and come to a new realization!