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Google New Privacy Policy!

Last chance to delete your web history Google has collected on you prior to March 1, 2012 as well as data it collects in the future.

The new privacy policy will allow Google to link all your data such as location, interests, age, religion, health concerns etc. across the company’s email, video, social, networking, and other services.

You may want to remove all items form your Web History and stop from being recorded in the future.

EFF Post by Eva Galperin shows a step-by-step process.


What to Expect!

When you land on a blog focused on Information Technology & Web Development, many-a-times readers don’t know what they may find, and if yet another tech blog will pique their interest.

To avoid this common derail, I will list some topics that “Tech Cloud” will be sharing for the interest of its readers:

Keeping things interesting, here is a start-up list of what may keep you reading:


  • Magento platform |  e-Commerce
  • PHP Coding | Code academy
  • Corning glass | Tech Futurism
  • iPad 3 | iPhone 5
  • Windows 8 | Apple HD TV
  • Android OS | Quad core
  • Many more

* If there is a topic that’s caught your eye and want it explored, then give me a shout out and I will do my best to make it known to the public!

Welcome to “Tech Cloud”

Having over seven years of experience in the field of Information Technology & Web Development – its high time I started a blog, sharing my ideas in a well-organized platform for easy reference, and for others to benefit from. As a strong believer in serving humanity and helping the global community – it is only fair that I give back and share my expertise in the field.

Focused towards Information Technology & Web Development –

My Tagline is:  Imagine | Innovate | Implement…

Herewith I now welcome you to the blog of Irfaan Bhimji – “Tech Cloud”