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Tech Cloud now Released to the Public

March 29, 2012 –


It has been one month since I announced Tech Cloud on my Facebook wall on February 29th. Today, March 29th, I finally launched the blog, Tech Cloud, for public use.
This release marks a major milestone for me. After years of experience, I can now proudly present the first public release!


Find your Lost Droid or Compromise Privacy!

I recently came across an article from a local newspaper where a man had lost his iPhone and Blackberry. Using couple applications, he was able to track his phones to the next block neighbour. Involving the local police, the man went to the neighbor’s house and asked for the phones to be returned but the family was at complete denial. The man opened up his laptop, tracked the phones again and activate the ringer. The iPhone was found in the closet of a 12-year old. After confessing and asked about the blackberry, the 12-year old denied again. The man tracked and activated the ringer to his blackberry – Surprise Surprise – the Blackberry started ringing from the kid’s shoes. He was taken away by law enforcement and the story ends.

This article made me think if I had a similar solution if my smart phone gets stolen. Searching and comparing apps online…

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