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“PayPal Here” as a credit card solution for SMBs and technicians

Ever had a problem accepting credit card at an on-site job? or Credit Card Merchants over-charging in interest/equipment?

As an on-site computer engineer for several years around the year 2006, the only method of payment I could accept was cash or check. This was very inconvenient as I might have lost some clients due to the lack of accepting credit/debit card payments. A system was put in place by my employer while working as a field technician –  I had to use the credit card carbon copy slip to accept plastic payments. This ancient way of making copies was futile let alone time-consuming.

Paypal Here might be the solution to the credit card issue one faces as a field technician or a small business that cannot afford the over-priced merchant services.

Paypal Here: How it works!


Programming Jobs by Language

As a developer, there are many languages one can select to learn, practice, master and work with. Browsing online, I found an article by Jobs Tractor that shows the languages demanded most in the job market today.

Article: Jobs Tractor language trends March 2012