LinkedIn Passwords Leaked!

LinkedIn is one of the main resource businesses and professionals use as a tool for social networking.  According to LinkedIn Press Center, the network has approximately 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

According to Business Insider, 6.5 million encrypted LinedIn passwords have been leaked and dumped into a Russian hacker forum. Compare to 161 million members, the breach affects a relatively small number of members.

LinkedIn has acknowledged the reports and has not released a formal statement yet, but tweeted “Our team is currently looking into reports…”

Change your Password Right Now!

  • Never change your password by following a link in an email, since those links might be compromised and redirect you to the wrong place.
  • You can change your password from the LinkedIn Settings page.
  • If you don’t remember your password, you can get password help by clicking on the Forgot password? link on the Sign in page.


“PayPal Here” as a credit card solution for SMBs and technicians

Ever had a problem accepting credit card at an on-site job? or Credit Card Merchants over-charging in interest/equipment?

As an on-site computer engineer for several years around the year 2006, the only method of payment I could accept was cash or check. This was very inconvenient as I might have lost some clients due to the lack of accepting credit/debit card payments. A system was put in place by my employer while working as a field technician –  I had to use the credit card carbon copy slip to accept plastic payments. This ancient way of making copies was futile let alone time-consuming.

Paypal Here might be the solution to the credit card issue one faces as a field technician or a small business that cannot afford the over-priced merchant services.

Paypal Here: How it works!

Programming Jobs by Language

As a developer, there are many languages one can select to learn, practice, master and work with. Browsing online, I found an article by Jobs Tractor that shows the languages demanded most in the job market today.

Article: Jobs Tractor language trends March 2012

Tech Cloud now Released to the Public

March 29, 2012 –


It has been one month since I announced Tech Cloud on my Facebook wall on February 29th. Today, March 29th, I finally launched the blog, Tech Cloud, for public use.
This release marks a major milestone for me. After years of experience, I can now proudly present the first public release!


Find your Lost Droid or Compromise Privacy!

I recently came across an article from a local newspaper where a man had lost his iPhone and Blackberry. Using couple applications, he was able to track his phones to the next block neighbour. Involving the local police, the man went to the neighbor’s house and asked for the phones to be returned but the family was at complete denial. The man opened up his laptop, tracked the phones again and activate the ringer. The iPhone was found in the closet of a 12-year old. After confessing and asked about the blackberry, the 12-year old denied again. The man tracked and activated the ringer to his blackberry – Surprise Surprise – the Blackberry started ringing from the kid’s shoes. He was taken away by law enforcement and the story ends.

This article made me think if I had a similar solution if my smart phone gets stolen. Searching and comparing apps online…

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Google New Privacy Policy!

Last chance to delete your web history Google has collected on you prior to March 1, 2012 as well as data it collects in the future.

The new privacy policy will allow Google to link all your data such as location, interests, age, religion, health concerns etc. across the company’s email, video, social, networking, and other services.

You may want to remove all items form your Web History and stop from being recorded in the future.

EFF Post by Eva Galperin shows a step-by-step process.

What to Expect!

When you land on a blog focused on Information Technology & Web Development, many-a-times readers don’t know what they may find, and if yet another tech blog will pique their interest.

To avoid this common derail, I will list some topics that “Tech Cloud” will be sharing for the interest of its readers:

Keeping things interesting, here is a start-up list of what may keep you reading:


  • Magento platform |  e-Commerce
  • PHP Coding | Code academy
  • Corning glass | Tech Futurism
  • iPad 3 | iPhone 5
  • Windows 8 | Apple HD TV
  • Android OS | Quad core
  • Many more

* If there is a topic that’s caught your eye and want it explored, then give me a shout out and I will do my best to make it known to the public!