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#ifihadglass Submissions – Involving Apple, United Nations, and Credit Card Fraud.

Yesterday – February 26, 2013, I published a blog post titled “My +Project Glass Entry to be submitted tomorrow 2/27/2013”

As of right now – I have submitted all (3) applications on my G+ account. I would like to share my submissions here and briefly explain the thought process behind my final three submissions.

Keeping in mind the following Conditions and Requirements from the Official Terms Page:

EVALUATION: Each Application will be evaluated and scored by a panel of independent content moderators who are not employees of the Sponsors or paid by Google for content moderation (“Jury”), based on the following criteria:

  1. CREATIVITY: Whatever the approach, the Application should stand out creatively and can be supported with video and still photos per these Terms.
  2. COMPELLING USE: Applications with the most compelling possible uses for Glass.
  3. ORIGINALITY: Applications that are unique and interesting.
  4. SOCIAL AND SPECTRUM: Applications from people whose possible uses of Glass would be useful, influential, and provide the broadest spectrum of user interaction.

The evaluation is the most important part of the contest since it how every submission will be evaluated. I started following the #ifihadglass feed on both G+ and Twitter.

Majority of the submissions were mostly selfish (not that anything wrong with that since ‘You’ own it), but the power of technology has the potential to change the world – Think Outside the Box! Some examples include people travelling the world and capturing moments, recording the adventurous event first hand be it sky-diving, skiing, or racing. Given that all these are exciting and worth capturing –  but none of these type of submissions maximizes the potential of the Glass Technology. There were a few submissions that are note-worthy from a post by Peter Cohan on Forbes.

Since majority of the submissions were either capturing, recording, translating etc – I had to come up with something unique, different, and challenging. As stated in my previous blog post “Focus is #Originality and #Creativity,” My first and best submission is:

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“PayPal Here” as a credit card solution for SMBs and technicians

Ever had a problem accepting credit card at an on-site job? or Credit Card Merchants over-charging in interest/equipment?

As an on-site computer engineer for several years around the year 2006, the only method of payment I could accept was cash or check. This was very inconvenient as I might have lost some clients due to the lack of accepting credit/debit card payments. A system was put in place by my employer while working as a field technician –  I had to use the credit card carbon copy slip to accept plastic payments. This ancient way of making copies was futile let alone time-consuming.

Paypal Here might be the solution to the credit card issue one faces as a field technician or a small business that cannot afford the over-priced merchant services.

Paypal Here: How it works!