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Are we addicted to our phones? Moment of Realization – Video

I recently came across a YouTube video from a friend titled “Slow Tech” by Joe Kraus. My first thoughts when opening the link was “hmm, probably not watching” due to the 15 minute time stamp for the length of the video. Since it was recommended by a colleague I admire, I went ahead and played the video. Ill give my final thoughts after watching the video and let you decide if you would like to watch it or not; I will however mention – If you want to continue your life as a ‘robot,’ ignore this video, but if you want to reconnect with your human self and appreciate life and the people around you, this is a must watch and a ‘mind-opener’

At the end of the video, “Wow” was my first impression followed by a two minute halt on all my tasks and just thinking over the contents of the video. This moment was a hit of reality and a moment of realization. I now had desire to become better, to have a purpose, to appreciate life.

Brief intro: “How do you like your relationship with your phone?” Did you know – Humans don’t multi-task, we switch very fast between single-tasks; and the more we do it the dumber we get, and the slower we become – almost 10 IQ’s lower and less efficient! We have an attention crisis!

Click play and come to a new realization!